Sunday, February 21, 2010

14. Century Superbods Run

2nd half of my back-to-back Run Week. The Century Superbods Run was one jam-packed event! Considering that it's price is a bit expensive, still a little over 11,000 registered, way more than those who participated in the Condura Run! It is either the running bug has caught Manila by storm, or just a lot of ladies registered to get a chance to run and see Derek Ramsey. Unfortunately, Papa Derek was not able to join the run due to injury, but he was there at one of the Finisher's area booths.

The Superbods Run had its share of ups and downs. The 21K and 10K started a few minutes earlier than the official time, and a lot of latecomers got stuck among the sea of 5K runners. The number of marshalls were not sufficient and there are some areas where a lot of runners got confused. (Coach Rio's thank you and apology note ( Nevertheless, it was still a successful run and a lot of first-time runners enjoyed it! Sufficient water stations, the use of timing chips to record your time, your name flashing when you cross the finish line (although I wasn't able to see this one because I was doing my usual sprint like crazy at the last stretch routine), loads of freebies and... the sexy and hot Superbods!!! :)

Despite doing a 3K run a day before and feeling the effects of fatigue in the halfway mark of my 5K route, I'm happy that I was able to reach my goal of finishing under 30 minutes. Finished at 29:07, good for 54th out of 1995 male runners. I feel that I can still improve my speed and endurance. But for now, rest at Bora for the weekend and I'll be ready to beat 29:07 at the Unilab Run! :)

Race Notes: No Papa Derek, and also no show for Papa Piolo, who was supposed to be the alternate runner...lots of celeb sightings like Georgina Wilson, Rhian Ramos, other male celebs whose names I don't know...The timing chips used are similar to those used in the Timex Run last year, and I can foresee this to be the standard for future runs...Lots of freebies after the run, like Gatorade, Nature Valley gift pack, Century Tuna empanada and pandesal, among others...Buy 1 Take 1 Century Corned Tuna, SWEET!...Big time raffle prizes include Plasma TVs and iPod Touches...This is the first part of the RunRio Trilogy; the next leg will be sponsored by Nature Valley sometime in May and the last in November...First run of Jenny's brother, Jester.


  1. Derek Ramsay ran 10km during the Superbods Run. He was supposed to pace with me at 5km. He was supposed to take it easy, since he had surgery on his right knee 2 weeks before the race. Instead, he sprinted the first 2km and left me far behind. As he was approaching the end of the route, he missed the turn to the finish and ended up running 10km. My time was 27:30.;-risks-newly-operated-right-knee

  2. Thanks for the info! I stand corrected. And I thought he just flaunted his sexy abs to the public! :) May I know who you are?

  3. Cool! The only time I ran was at the UN Stand UP against Poverty run at the Fort. I ran 3K lang but was BEAT! Running is not for me. I'd rather do open water swimming or be the swimmer in triathlon relays :P As in. Kudos to you buddy

  4. Saw you having this picture taken in our century tuna mass display we are the peeps in-charge with the overcrowded super mart, and its great that more and more people are into our product.