Sunday, March 7, 2010

15. Unilab Run For Wellness

Fresh from a Boracay weekend stint, several "field trips" related with my work and business, and basketball pickup games as warmups, I was pretty much confident that I can improve on my previous 29:07 5K record. Woke up 4plus in the morning, but due to slight detours (Roxas Boulevard closed 'coz of the Yakult Run) and slight traffic at the Fort area, I was a few minutes late for my 5K Unilab Run for Wellness stint. Well, either I still try to improve my PR or just give it up and jog at a leisurely pace. I chose the first option and fortunately, it paid off!

Unilab's 5K route is similar to Century's, so at least I am somewhat familiar where to make "sidewalk singits and shortcuts" The hardest part is the first kilometer because of the huge number of runners needed to overtake. I just visualized myself chasing a thief who stole something valuable from me, so as to gain more speed. By the halfway point, fatigue spanked me in the ass. This is what happens when you run with no warmups...very bad! Checked my watch and it's good to see that I'm still on pace. Walked a bit, drank 100plus from the water station, motivated myself, and continued running.

As I approached the finish line, I saw the official time...28:40 and counting. Oh dear, time for some last minute sprinting again! Despite feeling out of breath and a bit woozy in my head, I'm quite happy that I was able to reach my goal and improve my PR. :) Went straight to the Finishers Pack redemption area, drank the free 100plus, and proceeded to check out the Wellness Village. 2 more weeks and it's time to once again to attempt the 10K at the Globe Run for Home. Fort-Buendia flyover, we shall meet again!!!

Race notes: Official finish time is 28:54 (Chip time 26:10 - Curse the 2:44 delay!!!), good for 113th out of 2254 5K runners...Supposed to run along with my friend Chin, but he injured his ankle 2 days before...My mom went to have an "ocular inspection" of the Unilab Run and was impressed on how many participated and how festive the event was...Unilab Run was way better than Century Superbods (Kudos to Coach Rio for making the necessary adjustments). The event was well-organized and the Wellness Village provided lots of entertainment and freebies to everyone who attended...As always, lots of celeb sightings, though I only saw Angel Locsin, Diether Ocampo and Sen. Pia Cayetano...Digicam's battery got busted, so no race pics (except for this one courtesy of