Sunday, February 21, 2010

13. Run For Your Heart and Dusit Thani DFiT Run

Run For Your Heart took place last Feb.14 @ Roxas Boulevard. This is in partnership with the Philippine sports Commission, Fil-Chi Amateur Athletic Federation (hope I got that one right!) and Ateneo Law-Human Rights Center. As expected from a free event (with the exception of 5k and 10k if you registered via Ateneo HRC), the place was full of people, with members of the Philippine Military and high school students joining the fray. Nevertheless, the basics like water stations, emergency areas and post-run booths are there, making this a successful event.

Race Notes: First run of my friend Chin Chih...a bit late for the 5K run and started running/walking with the 3K people...Fil-Chi schools who took part of the run are Chiang Kai Shek College and Philippine Cultural High School and St. Stephen's High School...since we started late, didn't bother to go for my PR and walked on the return leg...didn't even get to cross the finish line which was at the back area of Quirino much for the free tikoy :(

The Dusit Thani DFiT Run took place on Feb.20 @ Fort Bonifacio. This one was supposed to be the first run of my friends Nikki and Morris; however, they were not able to attend due to some unforeseen circumstances. This is a 3K running event the proceeds of which are for the benefit of Operation Smiles - a children's charity treating facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. Since Jenny was threatening to break my previous 3K record of 16mins+, I decided to improve my 3K record. Result: a good enough 11:36 finish good for 11th overall. Side effect: some sligh headaches due to sudden rush of blood while sprinting on the last stretch :O

Race Notes: Good quality singlet for a small event! By far, along with the Century Superbods white and blue singlet, the best in terms of fabric quality...overall winner who nabbed a 1-year gym membership at DFiT is a member of the Philippine Boxing Association @ 8mins.+...freebies include a travel shampoo and shower gel kit, Pocari Sweat (sweet!), and medicines courtesy of Novartis...the whole DFiT anniversary event was able to raise funds good for 5 cleft operations... Jenny still recovering from an ankle injury and was not able to run with me...

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