Monday, February 8, 2010

12. Condura Run Experience

Passion is pushing myself when there is no one else around - just me and the road.


Condura Run is arguably one of the best organized runs in the country. In 2008, it was for the Tubbataha Reef. In 2009, for the whale sharks. And this year, the run was for the dolphins. Every year there were more and more people who registered and ran. From 2000 runners in 2008 and 6000 in 2009, a staggering 8500 registered for this year's premiere running event. The biggest catch for the hardcore runners - a chance to run for the first time in the Skyway! Although I wasn't able to sign up for the 21K and 42K (I'm still a newbie runner, for God's sake!), I attempted my first ever 10K run... and thank God I made it!

The 10K route? Start at Fort Bonifacio, then 32nd Street, then the dreaded flyover connecting Fort to Makati, then Gil Puyat Ave. until the corner of Ayala Ave., then reverse until the finish line at Fort. Although I was able to finish the run at a respectable time (1:02:10), one moral lesson for me is to make sure to train at least 3 times a week before the event. Attempting a 10K run with no training is suicidal! Fortunately the two bananas, Innergize drink and my trusty "Magic Beans" saved my ass or I'd be suffering from cramps sometime during the event.

Race notes: Finished the 10K run at 1:02:11, good for 367th place out of 2110 runners, or part of the upper 17.4%...Almost got late due to slight traffic (42K and 21K runners) and had to let Jenny and her brother Jansen park the car...I was beside Rovilson Fernandez at the start of the race...there were fireworks 2 minutes before the start of every race, except for the 3K...lots of angry drivers honking their horns at the corner of Makati Ave. and Gil Puyat Ave. hahaha...upon reaching St. Luke's at the return leg, gave it my all and sprinted like crazy until the finish line...lots of Uno High School alumni attended the event...aside from the Finisher Medal, wasn't able to claim other freebies due to "lack of time"...treated myself to a well-deserved massage in the afternoon.

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