Sunday, January 24, 2010

2. I Am A Runner Because

Just like a lot of people nowadays, I have recently jumped into the Running Bandwagon. I may be too early in saying this, but I do believe that this is not just some fad I am into but I would want to make this a part of my lifestyle. Running provides a lot of benefits - improving one's cardiovascular system and losing those unwanted pounds, a cheaper workout alternative than going to the gym, increased mental focus and energy throughout the day, as an activity where you can "detoxify" from the stress of life, and a great way to meet new people who share the same passion. But this doesn't mean that running is just a "walk in the park" kind of sport. Studies show that running is still among one of the most injury-prone sports activities, and the main culprit - improper running form. How to prevent injuries and continue enjoying running is something I still need to learn.

A lot of people run for different reasons. The most common ones are - weight loss, health improvement, self-esteem and (gulp!) to meet hot guys/chicks. But for me, I am a runner because I treat running as a symbolism of my journey in becoming a lawyer. Successfully running and finishing a certain distance (half marathon of 21km or full 42km) doesn't just happen overnight. It would take a significant amount of time to prepare for it. Building up your stamina...Making sure the running form is correct...Waking up early...Eating the right kinds of food...Cutting down on junk foods and alcohol...Bar Exams? Same thing! One has to endure 4-5 years of mental and emotional torture in law school, take 8 exams (comprising the 8 major Bar subjects) in 4 September Sundays with an average of 15-20 essay questions per subject, agonizingly pray and wait for 5-6 months for the results to come up, and finally (if you are one of the fortunate souls to pass) line up for the oath-taking and signing of the Roll of Attorneys in order to formally call yourself a lawyer.

Both running and becoming a lawyer would entail a lot of sacrifice, but the effort in getting to the finish line will definitely be well worth it! The burning question for me now is: What can I achieve first? Finishing a 21km run successfully with no injuries or hurdling the Bar Exams while retaining some ounce of sanity within me? Betting lines are open!


  1. Studying for the Bar and running make a perfect combination, Wyn!! And I'm sure you'll do well on both.. Go go. :)


  2. i like the symbolism. i likened law school with mountain climbing naman dati. i remembered when i was climbing Mt. Pulag and it started to become very tiring (that i almost wanted to abort climb), i just told myself that if i'll be able to reach the summit, I will also become a lawyer. AND I DID RECH THE SUMMIT! :) Perfect.

    Bar na, I just keep on replaying the Pulag self-convo in my head. It's helping me fuel my faith. :)

    See you, Wyn next run. Baka sumali ako Condura. :)

  3. Thanks Ellaine! See you on 1/31 and 2/7 for the Book Run and Condura Run :)

    Faith, suddenly I begin to hear Miley Cyrus' The Climb playing in my mind hahaha! :) Konting tiis nalang, WE WILL BE LAWYERS!

  4. Hahahaha! Amen to that, WE WILL BE LAWYERS! :)